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WWW Wednesday 01.02. - January reading plans

I was thinking about getting back to the habit of writing by talking a little about what I've been reading lately, and what I'm planning to read for the rest of the month. So this here is my first WWW entry! I plan to make a regular feature of this, maybe not every week but whenever I stumble onto some particularly interesting new book. So let's see what Janury has in store for me so far!

Recently finished: I completed my 2018 Reading Challenge on the 26th of December by finishing Queen of the Conqueror by Tracy Borman, a pretty excellent biography of not only Matilda of Flanders but also William the Conqueror and their entire family. It was a worthy last read of the year and I didn't want to add any more books to the challenge so for the last few remaining days I was reading The Dark Ages 476-918 A.D. by Sir Charles Oman, whose title is pretty self-explanatory. It's a good read but so freaking detailed that I can only manage a few chapters at a time, so I'm still only halfway through it. 

Currently reading: I will eventually finish The Dark Ages, but for now I put it away in favour of a book that's been marked as "currently reading" on my Goodreads for three years, along with several other books I started and never finished. No wonder I no longer use this feature: these books haunt me every day and I swear I will finish all of them eventually... but I really don't need to add more to this cursed list. Anyway, the book I took up again after so much time is Voyager by Diana Gabaldon, third in the Outlander series. My relationship with this series is a bit complicated, I don't love it as much as I expected I would but I still enjoy reading it a lot. I think I might elaborate on this later in a separate post. So far I'm making good progress on Voyager. I completely forgot how absolutely engaging and readable these books were, and it's nice to be back in their world a little bit, even if I probably won't pick up Book 4 immediately after this.

Next read: While I would love to finish Voyager by the end of January, this time I decided that I won't fret it. No one's rushing me (not that anyone ever was), and I have a couple other books I want to pick up this month: Ready Player One for my Reading Challenge group, as well as a couple new titles whose releases I'm eagerly awaiting: The Winter of the Witch by Katherine Arden, and The Wicked King by Holly Black.

Now tell me, what are YOU reading these days?

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